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Best Rejuvenating Facial

Freia LED Light Facial – Scarlet Envy

So you’ve slathered on countless skincare products that many A-listers, celebrities and superstars swear by, but even the priciest one could not work its claimed magic on your skin. Chances are, it could be the wrong product for your skin type or its active ingredients are too potent for your sensitive or reactive skin.

We hear you and we may have just the answer you are looking for. Be ready to embrace your new-found skin with Freia’s LED Light Facial. This pampering 90 minute treatment uses a jet detox system to deeply cleanse and purify skin in place of traditional extractions. What follows is a selection of our premium, medical grade LED lights (HEALITE), which act as an alternative to harsher treatments like lasers, for a total skin rejuvenation. This revolutionary hybrid facial is pain-free with no downtime. Leave it in the good hands of our skilled and passionate therapists to triple cleanse, detoxify skin. Feel confident with porcelain-smooth, healed and rejuvenated skin.

We believe in bespoke treatments to treat your skin and have lined up 3 choices to suit your skin needs, namely anti-aging / rejuvenation (Scarlet Envy), acne control (Illumi Blue) and sensitive skin (Amber Boost). The scientifically proven LED light therapy can be safely used on all skin types including darker complexions, the very young, sensitive, compromised or photo-aged and damaged skin.

We are not just your run-of-the-mill spa but our treatments are backed by sound medical knowledge and years of experience. We go to great lengths to refine and curate treatments just for you. Get a skin reboot today.

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Freia LED Light Facial Promo


Absolutely delighted that our 100% in-house curated “Freia LED Light Facials” has bagged the “Best Rejuvenating Facial” in the prestigious ICON’s inaugural ICON Spa Awards 2019! It’s an extra privilege (and a super proud moment) to know we were selected over some of the biggest names in the luxury spa industry; a true testimony to the quality and appreciation of our work. This win is a beautiful example of the synergy between the expertise of our medical arm Freia Medical and the luxurious and careful curation of products by Freia Aesethetics.

Our Freia LED treatment boosts the use of 2 medical grade machines – to deeply cleanse pores using a special jet spray technology and then selecting a blend of powerful LED Lights (Healite) to rejuvenate, intensely calm or deliver exceptional anti-bacterial benefits. Skin is treated to an immediate reboot without any damage to skin, making this a great alternative to or a precursor to heftier treatments like lasers. Highly customizable, we select appropriate products, lights and masques to suit your skin. Huge thanks to the fantastic team at ICON Singapore for this amazing honour and to our many wonderful clients for trusting us in their personal skin journey. We are committed to always giving the best to our clients xoxo

We celebrate this honorable win by offering our newest award winner facial at $224 (u.p. $320). Book your appointment or give someone you love this Christmas season the #giftofgreatskin . Leave it in our experienced hands to choose one of our 3 variants: Scarlet Envy (Skin Rejuvenation – official winner); Illumi Blue (Acne control); Amber Boost (Sensitive Skin relief).

*Usual terms & conditions apply.
For more information please call: 6734 3219 / 6258 0233 or WhatsApp 9109 1574

**Only available at Wisma Atria outlet.

Futuristic Facials (T Singapore)

As technology improves, so do facials, even those done at the
hands of a facialist or a therapist. At Freia Aesthetics, clients
who come in for facials first undergo a comprehensive skin diagnostic
system. From there, a customised treatment can
be created

Serene Seah, the director of Freia Aesthetics, explains to me
that the machine uses three types of electric currents and one
high frequency wave. “The therapists adjust those currents so
clients are essentially having three or four treatments in one

The therapists will then observe where you would
want to sharpen or sculpt the face and do so accordingly,” says
Seah. Some, like the galvanic current, uses continuous current
to reduce the stratum corneum’s (the outermost layer of
skin) resistance and thus allows active ingredients to penetrate,
while the low and medium frequency currents have the ability
to reshape the facial contours by lifting and toning the skin.