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3 Common Bad Skincare Habits

3 Common Bad Skincare Habits

As intuitive as it may sound, here are the 3 most common skincare habits we want to ditch in the Year of the Rabbit! <img draggable=“I’m indoors, it’s not sunny. Besides, sunscreen will worsen my acne…”
These are the most cited reasons we get. 90% of skin damage happens due to over-exposure to harmful ultraviolet or UV rays. Pigmentation, once formed, can take months or years to clear with aesthetic treatments, if at all. Prevention is the best way to avoid formation of pigmentation. Use a broad spectrum with an oil-free formulation (even when it looks cloudy) and use AMPLE amounts of it. Remember, a pea size amount of sunscreen is going to give you just that same amount of protection (that’s right – pea-sized).

Sunscreens only worsen your blemished complexion if you fail to choose a correct one that matches your skin type. Read your labels carefully and go for a broad spectrum sunscreen with an oil-free formulation that doesn’t clog up your pores.

Excessive use of pore strips can dry skin out and invariably produce more sebum. When removing dried pore strips, the pulling motion and extraction can cause inflammation — especially for sensitive skin. There are much better ways to decongest & detox your skin.

To tackle clogged pores, opt for hydrafracials, a deep cleansing facial or safe exfoliants like Flash 10 Botanical Cleanser, Heritage Mask or Phyto Mask and the “king of balancing serums” in Beauty Drops 3 to keep skin breathing freely.

A common misnomer is that acne breakout equates to oily skin. We see clients experiment with all kinds of harsh products to try to keep skin balanced (skipping a moisturizer/serum/cream comes up tops!). This can result in more damage than good. Ironically, the more you “starve” skin of its needed sebum, the more it will produce to compensate for the lack of it; creating this vicious cycle of imbalance.

Get your skin determined by a professional doctor or experienced therapist from a reputable spa. A proper analysis/ assessment of what your skin needs is crucial in determining what products you should be using or avoiding, to help realize the full potential of your skin, and bring it to the best condition that it can possibly be.

What is Skin Cycling?

Many in the beauty community are self-professed #SkincareJunkies. However, it may not always a good thing when we “stress” our skin repeatedly. Therein lies that beautiful concept everyone should adopt – #SkinCycling.

Taking the concept of “what goes up must come down” in that perfect universe we call “balance”; the same applies to our skin. We “push” the skin on days when we incorporate more exfoliation and skin renewal and let it “rest” on others.

As long as we are “up” by way of exfoliants or retinols, I’ll make sure the skin is stable and can manage the push.

Here’s how it works.

Day 1: Exfoliants
Here are my top picks:
– Future Floral Lotion No. 2 and Oumere No. 9 lotions are incredibly gentle on skin and hydrating.
– Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser is a good alternative for those who cannot take acids, as enzymes also do the exfoliation minus the irritation.
– Heritage Mask which is an incredible option for gentle exfoliation with added botanicals to soothe skin.

Day 2: Retinols
To enhance the cell turnover after, include a Retinol like AlphaRet Overnight Intensive Cream for night use and perhaps a Vitamin C serum like Pietro Simone’s Dewy Reboot for day use.

Days 3 & 4: Hydration
Focus on replenishing hydration, healing, reducing inflammation and strengthening. The likes of Hyalogy P-effect Refining Lotion, Future Soft Treatment Gel, Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery Repair and Future Beauty Drops will deliver hyaluronic acid, ceramides, silk amino acids and peptides to the skin to cradle her in an oasis of calm.

Personally, I do a mild exfoliation once a day (from one listed in my “Top Exfoliants”), alternate the use of Day 2 Retinol/ Vitamin Cs and pretty much, always include a replenishing product in the routine. This has served me well. Everyone’s skin is different so I urge you to tweak the routine to suit you.

Remember, skin is MORE than a “type”; it’s a “state” that requires adaptability ♥️


P.S. Check out the reel below to learn more about Skin Cycling!


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How to Spring Clean Your Skincare Regime

More than a myth, the tradition of the CNY Spring Cleaning is one I grew up with. We Chinese believe that the act of spring cleaning before the new year sweeps away the previous year’s bad luck and prepares the home for wonderful things ahead in the new year. Over the weekend, my nesting tendencies were calling out to me to do a hard reset of my bountiful skincare products.

I may be no Marie Kondo but hoping these personal tips I live by also helps you re-organize your beauty gems, ditch out our half-finished products and look forward to more glowing skin! 

1. Check the product for the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol. This gives you a clue as to how long the product lasts after opening. “12M” means you should throw out a product after 12 months of opening.

2. Check the product expiry date. Even for unopened products, adhere to this to ensure product’s freshness.

3. Check if the color, texture and scent is still “right”. If it looks “off” (e.g. cream has separated), it’s best to use it for the body or ditch it, EVEN if it’s still within the period of opening.

4. Check for half-opened samples and discard them!

5. Use an anti-bacterial wet wipe or alcohol wipe to clean the bottle opening. 

6. Ditch products. As hard as it may be, if it has been sitting on your vanity top for months, you are NOT going to use it. 🙂

7. Segregate not by brand but by function. I have my CLEANSERS, LOTIONS, SERUMS, CREAMS, MASKS and 2 last buckets for products which I use much less of – this allows me to quickly know which bucket to pick out the product!

P.S. Check out the reel below to see my spring cleaning situation!
xoxo, Serene

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