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3 Common Bad Skincare Habits

3 Common Bad Skincare Habits

As intuitive as it may sound, here are the 3 most common skincare habits we want to ditch in the Year of the Rabbit! “I’m indoors, it’s not sunny. Besides, sunscreen will worsen my acne…”These are the most cited reasons we get. 90% of skin damage happens due to over-exposure to harmful ultraviolet or UV […]

What is Skin Cycling?

Many in the beauty community are self-professed #SkincareJunkies. However, it may not always a good thing when we “stress” our skin repeatedly. Therein lies that beautiful concept everyone should adopt – #SkinCycling. Taking the concept of “what goes up must come down” in that perfect universe we call “balance”; the same applies to our skin. We […]

How to Spring Clean Your Skincare Regime

More than a myth, the tradition of the CNY Spring Cleaning is one I grew up with. We Chinese believe that the act of spring cleaning before the new year sweeps away the previous year’s bad luck and prepares the home for wonderful things ahead in the new year. Over the weekend, my nesting tendencies […]