Freia Aesthetics is renowned for adopting a highly personalized, integrative and comprehensive approach to skincare and beauty. We strongly believe the best results are obtained by a synergistic blend of treatments and products; not one or the other. Clients experience this when visiting us at our physical stores or visiting our online store Freia247.sg , in the comfort of one’s home or on-the-go. Leveraging on the most advanced and cutting edge medical knowledge, innovation and technology, we balance this with equal measure of personalized touch and warmth. Founded by ex-banker Ms Serene Seah-Ma, individuality and a true commitment to quality form the cornerstones of our brand. No cookie-cutter solutions or one size fits all mentality exists at our spa.

A Freia facial starts with an in-depth understanding of our client’s lifestyle and skin concerns. From then, we recommend specific treatment protocols and products which best suit them. Our skin changes one day to the next or even at varying times of the day, thanks to the myraid of hormonal and environmental factors that are often times, beyond our control. Our skilled and highly experienced therapists work with every client to correct, prevent and improve skin quality. As clients walk out of our premises, we also equip them with the right knowledge and understanding of their skin and journey with them as their skin goes through different “seasons”.

We carry the most discerning of cult skincare brands and medical grade machines at our premises. This includes Exilis UltraLEDIntraceuticalsHydrafacial MD, NeoGen, Revage Hair Laser, to name a few.

If you cannot make a trip to our stores, we bring our products to you via Freia247.sg. Our specially curated products include cult brands Ayuna, Auteur, Forlle'd, Future Cosmetics, Oumere, Pietro Simone, Skinceuticals, Calecim, Crystal Tomato, etc. Freia is on a constant hunt for stunningly effective products that treats any and all skin conditions and this is reflected in the variety of good brands we carry. We do not just focus on one brand. Our team of highly experienced therapists have an intimate knowledge of our products and are able to consult and advice clients on which ones work for them.

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“As an Asian woman, I may have been blessed with relatively good (skin) genes but ironically, my skin today in mid-40’s is much better and healthier than it was in my 20’s or early 30’s. This proves that while we inherit the skin we are born with in our younger days; with the right knowledge and understanding of our skin mantle, we can reverse the effects of time. My personal mantra is for me and my clients to dare to wear skin like its best foundation. Thank you for joining me in this journey xoxoxo” Serene Seah-Ma, Founder, Freia Aesthetics


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