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Our award-winning facials have been mentioned in: Female Singapore / Buro247 / Tatler / Her World

Future Facials


Future Afterglow Facial

This facial aims to purify, stimulate, hydrate, nourish and protect the skin, using products from the Future collection.
Award winning: Singapore Women's Weekly

Future Fountain of Youth Facial (New!)

Our latest age-defying facial  is specially created to fight any visible signs of ageing and tiredness on our skin.

Future Gua Sha Facial (New!)

Come and experience the beauty benefits of gua sha, an age-old technique that helps in lymphatic drainage and facial contouring.

Auteur Facial (New!)

Auteur Regenerative Therapy

The ultimate, pampering treat that you can gift to your skin. 

Valmont Facials

Source of Bisses 

Inspired by observing the irrigation channels known as “bisses,” which are used by the highlanders of the Swiss Wallis region, Valmont applied this ancient tradition of hydraulic control to the skin. A moisturizing bath and an essential treatment that will leave skin as fresh as the morning dew.

Vitality of The Glaciers 

Vitality of the Glaciers was launched as the very first Valmont facial and quickly became a signature treatment. Introduced in 1985, it reflects the technical know-how of the Swiss expert in anti-aging. A true beauty booster.

Brightness of Ice

An original creation by the House of Valmont, the Brightness of Ice treatment is devoted to completely restoring the complexion’s purity and youthful freshness, offering the finest solution to gently awaken the complexion’s glow and even hue.

Summit of The Cervin 

With this resolutely anti-wrinkle and firming expert treatment, Valmont puts its technical and cosmetic know-how into action to treat or prevent the most visible signs of aging.

Valmont Lift

Impressed by the anti-aging capabilities of Valmont, we saw a beautiful synergy between the efficacy of Valmont’s Lines & Volume Ritual range and the state of the art radio frequency and ultrasound Exilis Ultra 360 machine.

Valmont Royale 

A step up to our Microneedling treatment with Valmont's star product, Moisturizing Booster. See an immediate “glow” to your skin, smooth, deeply hydrated and younger-looking for days.

Forlle'd Facials (New!)

Forlle'd Oxygen Surge Facial

Specially created for the urbanites, the Forlle'd Oxygen Surge Facial beats listless skin and evens out the complexion. 

Forlle'd Non-Invasive Bio Filler Facial

This gravity-defying facial helps to plump up the skin while blurring out fine lines and wrinkles.

Signature Facials

The Freia brand was created and built to provide results oriented and most sought-after clinical facials, without compromising on the wellness element. Our facials are not just another facial; over time and with regular use, our clients witness a transformation of not only their skin but an overall glow and radiance from within.

All our signature facials include:

  • Deep cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Manual extraction
  • Bespoke cocktail blend of serums, lotions, sunscreen
  • Freia signature massage to lift and sculpt
  • Bespoke treatment masks


To keep the fountain of youth flowing, embark on the CellRewind Treatment at Freia Aesthetics. An advanced therapy for a 360 skin rejuvenation.

Red Carpet Oxygen Facial 

Created in-house, this unique protocol infuses pure oxygen, vitamins, anti-oxidants and custom-tailored Skinceuticals serums.
Award winning: Buro 247 / Harper's Bazaar

Notox™ Facial

Our 90 min signature Notox facial delivers the instant benefits of a botox treatment without any side effects.
Award winning: Harper's Bazaar

The Ultimate Hydra-O2 Experience

We bring you the combined benefits of 2 of our signature treatments in this luxurious, pampering Hydraceuticals facial.
Award winning: Her World / Female

Aqua-Boost Facial

The renowned Hydrafacial MD system uses proprietary Vortex technology to gently but effectively cleanse and detox dull, tired and clogged skin.
Award winning: Singapore Women's Weekly

O2 Facial

The O2 Facial is a painless, non-invasive spray of pure oxygen, vitamins, anti-oxidants and moisturizer to the inner depths of your skin.

Luminosity Facial 

This popular skin lightening and illuminating facial restores cellular DNA and encapsulates the largest number of whitening and pure illuminating active ingredients.

Ocean Breeze Facial 

Let the life-giving goodness of the ocean restore your face to intense hydration, improve cell cohesion and skin suppleness.


Introducing the Exilis Ultra, used with Skinceuticals multi-correction serum for an intensified firming and crystal clear skin treatment.
Award winning: Singapore Tatler

Triple Boost Treatment

Pure, potent antioxidants infused into the skin will leave you glowing, moisturised and deeply cleansed with 8 times its anti-aging benefits all within 75 minutes.

Freia LED Light Facials

Be the envy of many when you step out rejuvenated, clarified and healed. Reboot your skin with a choice of 3 different types of scientifically proven LED low level energy light photobiomodulation.
Award winning: ICON Singapore

Plasma Facial

Introducing our latest Plasma Facial, which uses a unique nitrogen plasma technology that helps promote rapid healing for photo-damaged skin using consistent, controlled rapid heating over areas to be treated.
Learn More: SG Tatler

Glow Right Treatment

Exclusive glowing treatment using the AlphaRet professional peel system from Skinbetter Science - a triple threat to pesky skin woes; potent, safe, with little to no tell-tale signs and downtime.

Radiance Plus

Curated from scratch to do what its name suggests, there's nothing quite like the "IPL radiance and glow"! Photo facials bridge that gap between regular spa facials and aesthetics lasers; to keep skin pigment & wrinkle-free.

Needle-less Rejuran

Our Needle-less Rejuran treatment, also helps to administer the same PDRN solution (Salmon DNA) used in Rejuran Healer (婴儿针) injectable procedure, by using a dermal electroporation device to deeply penetrate into the skin by 17 times.

Skin Reset Mesotherapy (New!)

Feel that your skin isn't reaping the full benefits of your skincare products? Why not hit the "reset" button with this new skin rejuvenating facial. 

Classic Facials 

Freia Purity Detox

Skin can lose its natural balance causing clogged, oily and congested pores, which can lead to scarring. Remedy this situation with our detox treatment.

The Freia Bespoke Facials 

After a one-on-one consultation and skin analysis, your Freia Aesthetics esthetician will design a bespoke facial that caters to your individual needs.

Perk™ Treatments

Perk™ is a comprehensive approach to skincare, merging an in-clinic professional exfoliation service with an advanced daily application of takehome products.

The world’s first hybrid skincare kit.

Teenage Dream Facial 

A fresh, clear and smooth finish for acne / problematic skin. Treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliating, extraction and detoxify, making you feel young again when you wake up to a purified and hydrated skin.


Reveal a smoother and brighter luminous skin with our selection of peels that promises to restore your skin to radiance and glow.

Eye Perfection 

This is a comprehensive and complete global eye treatment which targets all eye concerns - puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of laxity. Revitalize and refresh your eyes in 6 simple steps with this amazing treat.

Men's Facial

Gentleman's Facial

No unnecessary frills. Just an immediately effective and efficient facial. Expect deep cleanse with patented vortex extraction to clean up those clogged pores and more.

Hair Removal

Waxing Services 

We offer a whole range of hair removal services ranging from IPL to traditional waxing, to give you smooth hairless skin. We use the superior Caroblab waxes from Australia.

Pain-less Super Hair Removal 

Our Pain-less Super Hair Removal (SHR) is a hair-free pain-free hybrid revolutionary treatment that is in a league of its own when compared to its peers.

Scalp Treatments

Revage Hair Loss Laser Treatment 

The Revage 670 Laser treatment emits painless cool laser energy to stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles coaxing them into growth. The result is a thicker head of hair.

Jet Detox Scalp Facial 

Cleanse and purify scalp with a medically advanced 3-level powerful H20 jet suction technology. A healthy scalp is the pre-requisite for healthy hair.

Cellular Regen Hair Treatment 

This non-invasive hair re-growth treatment uses a special stem cell solution with 12 bio-identical growth factors and cytosignallers, to awaken dormant hair follicles and promote natural hair growth. For a healthier, natural and rejuvenated scalp and hair.

HydraFacial Keravive (New!) 

Using the famous HydraFacial machine, HydraFacial Keravive is a gentle and satisfying scalp treatment suitable for all hair types. It is designed to cleanse, stimulate, nourish and hydrate your scalp for a fuller- and healthier-looking hair. 

Scalp Micro Pigmentaiton

Restoring a youthful appearance for hair-loss and balding

If you are suffering from hair loss and oral, laser and transplant treatments are not viable options for you, fret not. Scalp Micropigmentation lets you cover up balding and thinning spots on the scalp, and shaving off years from your age.

Body Treatments


Introducing CELLU-MELT, a 2 step cellulite-busting treatment aimed to improve the cottage cheese appearance of cellulite in a scientifically proven way. Using acoustic shockwaves emitted by the FDA approved X-Wave system, a hand-held device deeply massages skin with extremely fast pulses of sound waves.

X-Lift Body

Get lifted with our X-Lift treatment for Face and Body. Using the first FDA approved new generation radio frequency technology, Exilis Elite, that tightens the skin for an overall more lifted and firmed body.

Looking gorgeous takes a little bit of know-how

If you need help with your skin, hair or body, we've got effective treatments for you to look your best.

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