Aqua-Boost Facial

What is our Aqua-Boost facial?

For a completely relaxing and highly effective treatment, our Aqua Boost Facial uses the original award winning patented Hydrafacial MD technology to deep cleanse, resurface and hydrate skin, restoring balance, moisture and radiance to one’s skin.  Here is what we love about this luxurious treatment:

  1. Deep cleanses – leaves your skin clean and refreshed. Pores are unclogged as they are gently suctioned away.  For those more stubborn and resistant blackheads and whiteheads, our highly skilled therapists may choose to do an additional manual extraction to complement what technology does.
  1. Resurfaces – think smooth, exfoliated skin with our breakthrough non-laser, non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure. Same results as a micro-dermabration but rolled into one procedure.
  1. Skin is drenched in hydration – experience hydration at its best as patented vortex technology which infuses peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid right into the inner depths of your skin.
  1. No down time – results are instant with no side effects.  Skin elasticity and radiance improves with each session.  This is rejunevation at its peak.
Treatment of Nasolabial Folds
Treatment of Hyperpigmentation
Treatment of Oily and Congested Skin

Key Benefits of Signature Hydrating facial:

Gentle yet effective. Skin feels deeply cleansed, smooth and radiant all in one treatment!

Suitable for all skin types especially those with:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation/photo damaged skin
  • Oily/congested skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Advanced signs of aging

**If this is your first time having a facial with us, please factor in an extra 15 minutes for a basic skin analysis and discussion of your goals.

For Enquiries call 6734 3219 / 6258 0233 or WhatsApp us on 8223 0609

Pricing Details

$250 per session
60 mins

Neck (additional 30 mins)
+ $125
Hands (additional 20 mins)
+ $85

Recommended treatment course: 6 treatments.

Suitable For: Dry, congested, dull & combination skin.

*Prices exclude Government Goods and Services Tax.

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