Booster VIP O2


What is Booster VIP O2?

The latest innovation from this French cult house, Booster VIP O2 is a completely unique and glowing experience, perfect for us city dwellers who constantly fight against pollution and external aggressors. This 90 minute new anti pollution treatment seeks to achieve 3 main functions:

✔️ Purify – eliminates polluting particles smaller than pore size
✔️ Detoxify – captures polluting agents present in the skin
✔️ Protect – limits polluting sediments on the skin surface

Using a series of 3 different massage techniques, the highlight of this treatment lies in the sizzling bursting foam which contains high concentrations of Biologique Recherche’s proprietory oxygenating complex, dandelion and chlorella. A special mini hand glove gently exfoliates and combined with our special massage technique, the foam empowers your cells to breathe better, produce more energy and dramatically improve skin with an overall brightness and glowing radiance. This is essentially a cold treatment (upon application) but once it touches skin, a slightly warm sensation appears before a calm, hydrating effect is established. Post treatment, skin will luminous, bright and beautifully radiant and fair.

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Booster VIP O2 (90 mins)

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