Forlle’d Non-Invasive Bio Filler Facial

Bid adieu to signs of ageing without the need for any injections and downtime with our new Forlle'd Non-Invasive Bio Filler Facial. This gravity-defying facial helps to plump up the skin while blurring out fine lines and wrinkles.

It kicks off with a thorough double cleanse using Forlle'd's Hyalogy P-effect Clearance Cleansing and  Hyalogy P-effect Re-purerance Wash. A mild exfoliation step ensues, using Forlle'd's P-effect Peeling Lotion. To get all the remaining gunk out of our pores, our skilled therapists will perform a light extraction.

Following that, your skin is treated to a cocktail blend of Forlle'd serums to soothe and calm the skin. To ensure that the serums are well absorbed by your skin, we'll use our Dermo Electroporation (DEP) machine — it boasts up to 70% penetration rate! — during this step. Your face and shoulder will also be treated to a relaxing massage.

The final step: We'll pamper your skin with the Forlle'd Oxygenic Gel Pack and Hyalogy Essence Power which helps to restore your skin's elasticity, softening the appearances of wrinkles and sagging skin.

What you'll love about it: 

  • Dead skin cells and impurities are removed effortlessly 
  • Mild exfoliation and cell renewal 
  • Skin feels soft and smooth
  • Complexion is enhanced
  • Fine lines and wrinkles appear less visible
  • Face looks visibly firmer and more lifted than before

**If this is your first time having a facial / treatment with us, please factor in an extra 15 minutes for a basic skin analysis and discussion of your goals.

For Enquiries call 6734 3219 / 6258 0233 or WhatsApp us on 9109 1574

Pricing Details

$380* per session
90 mins

*Prices exclude Government Goods and Services Tax.


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