What is our Freia LED Light facial?

With a choice of 3 different types of scientifically proven LED low level energy light photobiomodulation, get a skin reboot with:

✔ Scarlet Envy (anti-aging)
✔ Illumi Blue (acne control)
✔ Amber Boost (sensitive skin)

Be the envy of many when you step out rejuvenated, clarified and healed. Our premium medical grade LED lights (HEALITE) are completely pain free, positioning itself as an obvious alternative or precursor to heftier treatments such as lasers. Paired with triple cleansing, deep detox and skin appropriate Biologique Recherche cold masque or signature algae marine extract masque fused into one exemplary facial treatment, this will give you the best rejuvenating experience.

LED light therapy can be safely used across all skin types including darker complexions, the very young, sensitive, compromised or damaged skins. We are not just any spa but one equipped with medical knowledge, to curate treatments that work.

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Trial Price: $256 per session
60 minutes
Light Therapy, ala-carte at $150

Choice of:
Scarlet Envy (anti-aging)
Illumi Blue (acne control)
Amber Boost (sensitive skin)

*Prices exclude Government Goods and Services Tax.