Future Afterglow Facial

The heart and essence of our Future facials are holistic, soothing, balancing and effective. They perfectly reflect the five essential elements of Future's skincare belief — to purify, stimulate, hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. We trust that when our skin is in harmony, radiance and vitality will naturally ensue.

"This is the FUTURE of skin — let the glow of this magical treatment speak for itself."

If there is one specific skin concern that FUTURE products address very well, it is in the balancing of skin that is acne prone, congested and inflammed. Our Future AfterGlow Facial is serious about de-congesting and purifying skin while returning it to a state of optimal balance and calm. We found a beautiful synergy between the intensely balancing products in Beauty Drops 3, Phyto Mask 2, Heritage Mask and the kick-ass powress of the deep pore cleansing effects that come from the original Hydrafacial technology. Expect a triple deep cleansing acion combined and with mechanical and chemical exfoliation and an acupoint masssage to leave skin clarified, clean and with our signature Freia glow.


1. Aromatic Inhalation

Starting every treatment right, this step calms and settles your mind for a serene and soothing time ahead.

2. Anita's Signature Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Paying tribute to the founder of Future, Anita Bar Lev's vision, legacy and extensive years of experience, this facial features her signature lymphatic drainage massage, passed down by her in person to our skilled therapists. Beginning at the abdomen, it kickstarts the lymphatic system, prompting it to work effectively.

3. Three-step Deep Cleanse 

Commencing with makeup removal and thorough cleansing, utilising Future's signature Flash 10 Botanical Deep Cleanser, patented Hydrafacial MD technology and traditional manual extraction by our skilled therapists. Exfoliation follows, applying a layer of our cult favourite Future Mask Heritage — a gentle yet purifying peel — onto your skin. This aids in stabilising unbalanced skin, normalise skin's acidity as well as boost skin's moisture levels. 

4. Steaming and Extraction

Steaming helps to open up the pores and soften the skin, making it easier for subsequent steps such as extraction. Blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities are skilfully removed to promote clearer skin. A vitalising and softening toner is applied after in this final step of purification, removing any impurities and rebalances the skin.

5. Exfoliation

Using Future's hallmark Heritage Mask, this gentle yet effective exfoliant balances the pH of the skin and purifies it.   

6. LDM Treatment

Based on your skin's specific needs, our therapist will customize the treatment by blending the Future Soft Treatment Gel—an algae-infused gel mask— with a suitable Future Beauty Drops serum (available in 3 variations for different skin types). This potent combination is then delivered deep into your skin using our ultrasound device, sending all the skincare goodness deep into your skin. 

7. Acupoint Massage

Indulge in a luxurious acupoint facial massage featuring Future Cream Extreme, applied to soothe and hydrate the skin. The massage helps improve circulation, reduce tension, and promote a radiant complexion, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

8. Masking

Your session wraps up with a customised French green clay based mask to keep your skin hydrated and trouble-free.

9. Shoulder Massage

Relax further with a soothing shoulder massage, designed to alleviate tension and stress. Our skilled therapists use gentle yet effective techniques to target areas of tension and promote relaxation, allowing you to fully unwind and enjoy the ultimate pampering experience.


Recommended for anyone seeking a deep cleansing yet balancing treatment. Great for managing active breakouts, battling with acne, congested skin and acne concerns. From congested "headless" bumps to active acne, to residual acne in the form of scars, we got you covered.


$380* per session90 mins*Prices exclude GST.

Available at Wisma Atria, Raffles City and Royal Square Novena.


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