Gold PPT Acne Treatment

Using Gold To Treat Acne

Treat acne effectively by removing excess oils. Recurrent acne can arise from overactive sebaceous glands. Colonisation of P.Acnes bacteria and plugging up pores causes inflammation and frequent breakouts.

Gold PTT, also known as Gold Photothermal Therapy is an FDA-approved treatment for acne using selective photothermolysis to target such aberrant sebum producing sebaceous glands to relief skin of acne breakouts.

Photothermal therapy is a type of light therapy which uses near-infrared radiation for treating problem areas. We use gold nanoparticles that are inert to then capture the waves and convert them into heat energy which assist in reducing the activity level of these undesirable glands.

Using Gold to illuminate and brighten skin

Other than treating acne, the use of gold nanoparticles delivers powerful anti-inflammatory properties to brighten skin, prevent melanin formation and repair sun damage. The result is a bright and radiant complexion.

Details of this Facial Treatment

Gold PTT treatment works well for those with really oily skin festered with inflamed papules and pustules to significantly reduce inflammation. The carrying agent is suspended in an oil-based serum, specially designed tiny nanoparticles with a 120nm diameter silica core and 15nm thick gold shell. This powerful anti-inflammatory effect is the reason why it is equally good to brighten dull complexions.

This is a 4-step process that typically takes about 45-60mins depending on the time required for extraction of comedones:

  • Gentle unclogging of skin pores
  • Using DEP (Dermal Electroporation) or LDM (Local Dynamic Massage) for deep-skin penetration
  • Using a long pulse laser or radio frequency to "warm" up the gold nano particles
  • Energize gold particles to start the anti-inflammatory process and modifying the sebaceous glands and bring about skin clarity.

How effective is the treatment?

The major cause of acne in most cases is excessive sebum (oils) created by the sebaceous glands. When we use Gold PTT treatment, we help reduce the oils that lead to skin congestion, blocked pores, as well as pore size — for clearer, healthier and radiant looking skin!

This limited edition treatment is best done on a weekly basis for 3 sessions.

Pricing Details

PROMO! (ends 7 Oct 2022)
$599 / $499 for 3 sessions

 $1400-$1500 (U.P.)

*Prices exclude Government Goods and Services Tax.

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