Aurum Radiance Facial

The Best of Pietro Simone" comes to mind when you experience the Aurum Radiance Facial.

A 120 minute facial that marries 5 amazing massage techniques with the potency and efficacy of high concentrations of peptides, 24-karat gold & an accolade of collagen production & skin renewal enhancing actives. This crème de la crème treatment is unlike no other.

2023 BEST


As Featured in Vogue

Freia Aesthetics' Aurum Radiance Facial was featured as one of the Best Brightening Facials in Singapore


What to expect?

1. Massage one is to open up any blockages to our lymphatic system. Pressure is gentle yet strategic; to ease away blockages which hamper our body's "sewerage" system and prevent toxins and excess fluids from being expelled out of our body.

2. Cotton thread exfoliation is the 2nd massage technique that deserves special highlight. Imagine a taut silk thread gliding across our skin; combined with the anti-inflammatory and amplifying properties of 24-karat gold flakes mixed into a skin renewing peel which has lactic and mandelic acids to stimulate exfoliation & refine skin texture. The result is cashmere skin that is illuminating and glowing. 

3. Next comes Pietro's signature Dry Massage. Performed using deep compression, rhythmic pressing, pulls & stretching actions, we go beyond the surface of our skin and start working out our facial muscles. With no "distraction" coming from oils or serums, this technique leverages on the best tools - our hands; the human touch. With our open lymph nodes, we now engage our muscles and truly work the connective tissues in our face. Jawline is tighter, face more sculpted and any tension released.

4. Then comes the facial's "Main Course" - a concoction of an intensely moisturising gel mask mixed with the best of peptides and water activated pure oils is empowered by a second debut of 24-karat gold to boost and amplify all the potency of the ingredients. We employ a deep tissue massage under the healing, calming powers of photo light therapy to further work sluggish facial muscles; release tension & re-create that space within our muscles; while delivering remarkable soothing effects. Blood circulation is improved while bringing on an impeccable glow. 

5. Dessert is in the form of a relaxing, skin renewing and reinvigorating neck & shoulder massage - because the meridians within our body are all connected and it is important to create seamless flows within our body again.

For the ultimate indulgence in skin restructuring and regenerative effects with a touch of golden brilliance imbued in the treatment, this is a treatment truly worthy of its Red Carpet status.

**If this is your first time having a facial / treatment with us, please factor in an extra 15 minutes for a basic skin analysis and discussion of your goals.

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Pricing Details

$680* per session
120 mins

*Prices exclude Government Goods and Services Tax.


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