Radiance Plus

What is Radiance Plus?

Curated from scratch to do what its name suggests, there's indeed nothing quite like the "IPL radiance and glow"!

Photo-facials are all the rave now, bridging the gap between your regular spa facials and aesthetics laser therapy to keep your complexion pigment and wrinkle-free. IPL or intense pulsed light photo-rejuvenation has been around since the 1990s and started off as a treatment for hair removal, but soon found its niche for various skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, pigmentation and redness.

With the help of different filters, light of varying wavelengths are converted into heat energy when absorbed by chromophores in the skin. A chromophore is an atom or group whose presence is responsible for the colour of a compound, such as brown pigment in sun spots/age spots, redness of broken capillaries and even bacteria which causes acne. When this happens, the target tissues “suffer” thermal injury and are eventually eliminated from the skin. As the healing process begins in response to the “controlled injury” caused, healthy collagen and elastin are produced and the skin is restored to its healthy and natural condition.

As technology gets more developed and refined with time, this gave birth to newer generation of IPL machines such as the ALMA system, pre-selecting 3 specific interchangeable filters that sets new standards for treating skin conditions associated with aging and pigmentation irregularities, with little to no downtime and exceptional long term benefits. While previously one of the most dreaded side effects of IPL is the risk of burns especially in darker skinned individuals, the ALMA system has been shown to work equally well on all skin types.

Our new Radiance Plus facial starts off with double cleansing before our IPL treatment. A facial massage then follows using a soothing, calming Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel masque. A soothing, calming Crystal Gel mask comes next to cool skin while infusing skin with actives like collagen, HA, allantoin and Co-enzyme Q10. Your 90 minute glowing skin facial finishes with skincare from SkinBetter Science - Alto Defense Serum, Trio Rebalancing moisturiser and of course, sunscreen.

We invite you to experience this pampering and results oriented treatment today.

**If this is your first time having a facial with us, please factor in an extra 15 minutes for a basic skin analysis and discussion of your goals.

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Pricing Details

$320 per session
90 mins

*Only available at Wisma Atria outlet.

*Prices exclude Government Goods and Services Tax.


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