Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) For Balding and Thinning Hair

Dramatic Results with Scalp Micropigmentation

What options are there for people who cannot do a hair transplant?

“Hair is the most important, un-important thing in our life.” A client once said, and likewise, we cannot agree more.

A hair transplant is considered by many as the “gold standard” to reverse hair thinning. But for those who are not ready for the procedure or not suitable for a hair transplant (where thinning is too extensive), options include:

  • Lo-level laser therapy,
  • Growth factor scalp treatments (eg. Cellular Regeneration Therapy or Keravive),
  • Oral medication,
  • Hair growth supplements.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) for balding and thinning hair

 SMP is a medical grade, non-surgical, comfortable and safe treatment where we skilfully deposit a customised organic ink beneath the surface of the scalp. As we deposit thousands of those micro-dots; what you get is a beautiful optical illusion of denser looking hair.

SMP is also highly versatile. For someone who crops his hair down to a buzz cut, SMP will radically transform baldness to give the illusion of full, dense hair. For someone who has done a hair transplant before and would like to enhance results or cover their donor scars, SMP is a great treatment to do both.

Women who tend to experience diffused thinning at the crown / hairline will benefit from SMP, which creates the visual illusion of fuller, thicker hair. SMP was invented over a decade ago & the Freia technique is a blend of East meets West. All SMP procedures at Freia personally done by our founder & SMP technical expert, Serene.

Scalp Micropigmentation in Singapore

Top Scalp Micro pigmentation service Singapore

SMP can produce the visual effect of hair growing and thickening of previously balding spots.

 When we started offering this service 5 years ago, we were probably the first professional one. Serene was trained in Asian and European methods & eventually adapted both to create a unique technique of her own.

Over the years we have offered SMP, we have seen the rise and fall of other SMP providers – some are tattoo artists and others, stand-alone practitioners. SMP is a procedure where artistry is just as important as technicality.

 “Before I embark on a session, my eyes survey the entire scalp area; my mind quickly maps out the areas where more blending is needed; to create that natural look. It’s hard to explain what I would focus on because every session is unique. I adapt constantly – with SMP, there’s never a “one size fits all”. The intrinsic satisfaction I get after every session of transformation is just out of this world”  - Serene Seah

Not all Scalp micropigmentation services are made equal

 This, we can attest to. SMP is very much an art as much as it is science. Blending is a key component to ensuring a natural, even looking result. This can only be achieved after 3-4 sessions.

We do not believe in 1 session being able to deliver the results we want because the only way you are going to create the density in that solo session is to compromise on the size of the dots (i.e. make them larger & hence un-natural). For us, 3 sessions minimally are needed to build up on the optimal density & to give your scalp adequate rest in between each session.

The logic is simple: the pigment size we create mimics that of our hair follicle and you can only put a finite number of dots within 1 session.

How long does scalp micropigmentation treatment last?

We choose to work with semi-permanent pigments because they give us the leeway to adjust the hairline or colour as one ages. Generally speaking, results from an initial 3 sessions will last 2-3 years.

Even when the pigments fade, this is gradual and fades to a lighter shade of the black/brown tone we use. Individual variation may occur as pigments fade based on metabolism and how we take care of the pigments.

How to care for your scalp after the micropigmentation process?

Our experienced team would advise you accordingly on post SMP care

  • Keep scalp healthy & soothed with our special post SMP shampoo and serum;
  • Preserve pigments by not washing the scalp for 24 hours; keeping it cool.
  • Refrain from swimming and excessive perspiration for a week. Wear a cap under intense sun exposure

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