V-Lift Facial

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Cleanse. Exfoliate. Extract. Lymphatic Massage. Mask. Moisturize. Protect.



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What is our V-Lift Facial?


As we age, we lose volume in our face, primarily fat. As a result, the elastin and collagen structure of the skin loses elasticity and some of its self-moisturizing components, making once plump skin look loose and saggy.

Our V-Lift facial helps detoxify skin, reduce facial lines and reinforces your skin’s support system with our unique firming massage and potent age defying products.

Defy your age – restore that firmer, smoother, luminous, supple and radiant skin!

**If this is your first time having a facial with us, please factor in an extra 15 minutes for a basic skin analysis and discussion of your goals.

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Area: Full face.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Recommended treatment course: 6 treatments.

Suitable for: Mature, dehydrated and dull skin.




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