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Baby smoooth skin comes with commitment to use the best facial treatments in Singapore. The most delicate portions of your skin which includes your face, neck, shoulders and hands – needs to be treated well to give you a healthy younger look.

Facials are the most common skin care treatments which will help improve the appearance of under-eye dark circles, improve aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines, reduce puffy eyes, get rid of dull, dry, dead skin cells, open up clogged pores, improve blood circulation and hydrate your skin for a lasting fresher look. This skin treatment includes steam, peels, masks, exfoliation and massages.

A skin therapist in a top-star Singapore spa may use one or combine some of these processes to address your specific problem area. There are however routine treatments designed to maintain your skin healthy which you can consider even when your skin doesn’t have so much complications.

Your skin care therapist will perform skin care treatments with his/her hands, massage tools and a variety of oils, gels and oxygen with deep cleansing and soothing properties for your body and mind. Below you’ll find examples of treatments for your face…

The Fruit Acid Method

If your skin is very sensitive and prone to acne, you need a therapeutic treatment that will reduce the occurrence of breakouts and heal your already affected skin such as enzyme or fruit acid facial. The best facial treatment for your skin type will include organic products which contain plant-based ingredients combined with advanced technology.

Natural ingredients like fruit enzymes in the therapeutic products are meant to detoxify your skin and avoid the reaction that would be caused by chemical-laden treatments. Some fruits with good acid for your skin include apples which contain malic acid useful for exfoliation and lemon which cleanses and hydrates your skin. Your porcelain face spa specialist can help you deal with your skin concerns.

Lunch Time Brightening Treatment

Lunch time facials are common with our working class Singaporeans who love to keep their skin at its best. You can dedicate your lunch hour to aesthetic skin care treatments that will boost your appearance. Facial treatments that don’t take more than an hour of your day include fillers, thread lift, acid treatments and laser treatments for scars, acne and hyperpigmentation. Getting a fresher youthful skin over the lunch hour is therefore worth the time if you value your beauty.


Anti-aging skin treatment is amongst the best treatment that many Singapore women worried about their aging skin should try. If you are in your latest 30’s and worry about fine lines and wrinkles, then you can try out this anti-aging treatment which makes use of collagen to build your skin cells for a more tight skin. This may include antioxidant serums, deep-pore cleansing masks and exfoliation.


Your porcelain face treatment can give you a non-surgical microdermabrasion, if you are in need of an instant facelift. This is the best facial treatment that renews your face by getting rid of old skin cells with the help of tiny rough grains sprayed on your face via a handheld equipment. The treatment increases the production of collagen and cell renewal for a soft glowing skin.

Lymphatic Facial Massage

If you have recurrent puffiness in your face, then you could have water retention problem, meaning that your body is not expelling lymph well. The problem can however be corrected through a massage done by a pair of trained hands. A good massage will stimulate your lymphatic glands to relieve puffiness and tension.

Electric Current facial

Are you worried about the appearance of wrinkles and don’t like to have a Botox injection? If this is your situation, then you could try an electric current facial. This treatment utilizes mild electric currents delivered through wet sponges on your face or neck area to stimulate blood flow and restore energy. The currents support the expulsion of lymph liquid and therefore smooth out wrinkles and folds.

Vampire Facial

Though not your typical facelift, the vampire facelift grows new cells to add volume for a youthful appearance. As its name suggests, the treatment makes use of your own blood drawn from your arm which is then processed before it is injected into your face. Your body will treat the injection like an irritation and therefore rebuilds itself for a newer look. If you are concerned about your dull face that has also lost some volume, talk to your Singapore skin therapist before getting this treatment.


facial treatments singapore

Acupuncture facial uses ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The facial is administered via disposable, sterile, fine needles pressed into areas of the face prone to wrinkles.

Though not for the faint-hearted, the facial is aimed at tightening your skin to get rid of fine lines and is also believed to boost the growth of collagen.

Blood circulation is improved around acupuncture points and therefore oxygenates, nourishes and hydrates those areas.

Your porcelain face spa therapist administering the facial will then massage essential oils after removing the needles for better results.

Your therapist will recommend the best facial treatment that will suit your skin condition if you are not comfortable with acupuncture.

Contouring Facial

For a youthful boost on your face that will also last, you can also consider a contouring facial. To define and contour your face, microcurrent tools are used to firm muscles of your face. Your porcelain face spa therapist can help you with this treatment.

The Gold Facial

The gold facial is a unique skin treatment that was first used in Japan in the year 2006. This non-invasive skin treatment focuses on improving skin complexion. Gold used in the treatment is used to fight free radicals which give the skin a dull appearance. The metal is combined with a Gamma PGA compound for it to be effective. Gold facial is the best treatment you can get to pamper your skin with if you love classic beauty.

A Final Word About These Facial Treatments…

If your beauty routine is only limited to applying makeup in the morning and removing it in the evening, then it is time you considered improving it by getting regular facials. Look for the best Singapore skin therapists to help you look your best in your skin type.

To boost the skin rejuvenation process after your spa sessions, always maintain your skin clean. Invest in a moisturizer, toner and cleanser. Exfoliating at least once every week is also essential. If your skin feels irritated and looks red, consider changing your beauty products. Your skin care therapist can help you choose products that will match your skin type and advice you on improving your beauty routine.

Finally, if you’d like to visit our menu of facial treatments please do so by visiting this page: https://freiaaesthetics.sg/aesthetic-services/


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