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In 2020, we discovered a few lovely artisan skincare lines that delivered complete skin treatments using a minimalist and smart approach.

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In my quiet nights doing research on skincare lines (I knew I wanted to carry another brand at Freia Aesthetics), it was entirely by chance that I stumbled upon the Biologique Recherche story. Lotion P50, Biologique Recherche or Skin Instants were but remote notions.
But the BR story instantly resonated with me – its corporate values, ethos, dedication to quality products and flawless execution. Most importantly, the passion and pride behind the formulations, spoke through loud and clear from what I read. I lost no time, got in touch with them and the rest is history. – Serene Seah-Ma


Biologique Recherche was founded in 1978 as a cosmetics research lab by biologist Yvan Allouche and his wife Josette, a physiotherapist. At first, it functioned like a scientific development laboratory whose sole vocation was to develop formulations for professionals dissatisfied with existing products. Since then, with their son Dr. Philippe Allouche as the brand’s Creative Director, BR has transformed into a pharmaceutical icon of the global fashion and beauty industries.

Allouche’s background in internal medicine formed his more holistic approach to the science of beauty and skincare and is known for his “out of the box” vision of the skin. Together, Yvan, Josette and Philippe combined their know-how and passion to write a unique and visionary page in the history of skin care. The brand’s ‘philosophy’ is to provide the skin with enough nutrients for regeneration and to build better skin.

High concentrations of active ingredients are added at the very end of the manufacturing process to preserve their natural structures and effectiveness. No perfumes, fragrances or parabens are added as they can weaken active ingredients and cause allergic reactions. Rather than speaking to Skin Types, they speak to Skin Instants.

What is Skin Instants?

“Our skin’s condition changes several times a single day as well as during the course of our lifetimes. Everyone has different Skin Instant which can evolve during the course of one day. The artificial categorization of skins as normal, dry or oily provides a poor psychological definition of a skin’s condition and only gives a stationary image of the epidermal cosmetic imbalances. External factors like climate, temperature, air-conditioning, tobacco, pollution, and internal factors like stress, sexual hormones, hygiene and age affect the skin. Biologique Recherche’s Methodology addresses all these factors and how they evolve when it treats the epidermis. This is why we talk of Skin Instants. Biologique Recherche professionals are trained to analyze all these variables and advise the women and men on the treatment that is best suited to their Skin Instants.” Dr Allouche


“My aim is simple, straight-forward and daring. We will work with every client to wear skin like their best foundation” – Serene Seah-Ma

Freia Aesthetics is proud to partner with renowned Paris-based cult brand Biologique Recherche to offer a range of award-winning, bespoke, results-driven and highly pampering facials to our clients. The BR brand needs no introduction to the discerning, with its solid reputation and methodology formed upon a perfect combination of pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, an aesthetic and clinical approach, and rigorous and unique protocols. BR facials customize to every unique Skin Instant® – simply put, everyone’s skin is uniquely different at any given time or day and we tailor your facial accordingly. Our therapists work with you to establish a personalized regiment, tweak treatments depending on what your skin needs with this single goal in mind – to heal, repair and restore skin. The uniqueness of our Biologique Recherche facials is no use of chemical peels or processes which strip the outer layer of skin. Walk out of our spa with a flawless, radiant, calmer and illuminated complexion. Get the signature BR GLOW!

“The BR facial is definitely not just hype, and if you adore obvious, immediate results and facials that are very handwork-focussed with less reliance on machinery, this is definitely one for you to try. ” Renee Bachelor, Buro247

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The most famous of all Biologique Recherche products must be the legendary Lotion P50. First concocted in 1970 by Dr Yvan Allouche for his wife Josette, she started using it on clients, giving this rather innocuous bottle to friends and quickly earned a cult following through word of mouth. It was this star product which has been quipped as a “facial in a bottle” that led to the creation of the Biologique Recherche we know today. Like a hand in glove, Yvan was the mastermind behind the formulations and Josette developed the application techniques. This is truly a unique and rare luxury skincare line, huge on efficacy, minus the frills.

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