January 2

BURO MALAYSIA | The Business of Beauty: What makes Freia Aesthetics a bonafide beauty destination. according to founder Serene Seah-Ma

What does it take to build a cult beauty brand? Serene Seah-Ma, the founder behind one of Singapore’s most popular medispas, explains ahead.

Walking into Freia Aesthetics is like stepping into paradise—that is, of course, if paradise was furnished with vintage Parisian staples and a tasteful blend of tones and textures. Nestled in the heart of The Five at Bukit Damansara, Freia Aesthetics is exactly the oasis one craves on a beauty getaway: luxurious and plush, but with a distinctly homely feel that puts you at ease as soon as you step into the space.

This is by design—every detail of the space has been hand-picked and curated to foster intimate rituals of well-being and mental beauty. But it’s not just a pretty facade. If you’re familiar with Freia, you’ll know that the award-winning medispa originally hails from Singapore. It was founded on the philosophy that scientifically proven aesthetic medicine and holistic beauty go hand-in-hand. The founding husband-and-wife duo, Serene Seah-Ma and Dr Harold Ma, have combined their respective expertise in business and medicine to deliver sensorial and efficacious treatments to their clientele, and it has earned their brand its prestige.

The medispa has already got a fiercely passionate following in Singapore, and we predict that the hype is only going to continue to grow on our shores. That said, it’s no easy feat to establish a brand internationally. So, what’s the secret behind Freia’s success? We spoke to Seah-Ma herself to learn more about Freia’s missions and services. From how Freia came to be to the challenges of running a business and more, click the link below to read the full exclusive!

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