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Future’s Mother and Daughter Duo Share Their Beauty Tips


共同打造护肤品牌Future Cosmetics 以色列母女分享护肤贴士 “每天敷面膜,不只为了改善肌肤状态,也是一种身心灵的养生动作,让美丽从内散发至外。 这是以色列护肤品牌Future Cosmetics总裁依发特(Yifat Ovadya,53岁)的护肤贴士。她说:“我一般早上起身简单运动后,会敷个面膜,然后准备早餐,开启电脑处理事务。护肤步骤不应是繁琐的,敷脸是照顾和爱护自己的方式,大脑会发出信息:这是保健养生的一刻。” 不只是她天天敷脸,她85岁的母亲,即品牌创办人安妮塔(Anita Bar Lev,85岁)也坚守这个美容步骤。” Read full article on Lian He Zao Bao

Holistic Skincare FUTURE’s Founder Anita Bar-Lev On How To Look Great At The Age Of 83


“时间会在我们的身上留下不少足迹,不管是隐形的,还是看得见的。走过了岁月,美才能由内而外焕发。我们在自己身上所投注的努力和心思,会随着时间而展开,成为专属于个人的独特魅力。” 以色列小众美容品牌创办人Anita Bar-Lev日前来新,为品牌与本地医美诊所Freia Aesthetics的合作推介礼站台。83岁的她浑身散发着万丈光芒。她风趣幽默又睿智,只会说法语的她只能通过女儿以及翻译来跟大家做言语上的沟通;但是语言从来就不是隔阂,面对陌生人的招呼,她用一双布满着皱纹但是温暖的大手紧紧地握着,她说:“肢体接触比语言更具力量。” The founder of Israeli skincare brand Future Cosmetics Anita Bar-Lev came to Singapore for the relaunch of Future and celebrated the collaboration with Freia Aesthetics. The 83 year old can only speak French, but language is never a barrier, as she said: “Physical touch is more powerful than language”. 83岁的她对生活依然充满好奇,”我喜欢透过旅游探索新事物。“ 是这份好奇心驱使她不断地找寻不同的草本原料,丰富自己也同时丰富品牌的资料库。比如这次来新,她在Freia […]

The Best Luxurious Facials to Try in Singapore


Future Afterglow Facial For deeply nourishing and hydrating facials, make a pit stop at Freia Aesthetics. The facial spa at Wisma Atria Office Tower offers a wide range of facials including the highly popular Future Afterglow Facial. This treatment includes a three-step deep cleanse that begins with makeup removal and is followed by a thorough […]

Skincare with Luxurious Ingredients


Pietro Simone – Rescue Recovery & Repair Serum Lingzhi has long been considered a precious Chinese medicine since ancient times. Not only can you find this precious ingredient in the Pietro Simone’s ‘Rescue Recovery & Repair Serum‘, it is combined with the exclusive Italian Bella Complex Target to accelerate the regeneration and recovery of skin, […]

Best Rejuvenating Facial


Freia LED Light Facial – Scarlet Envy So you’ve slathered on countless skincare products that many A-listers, celebrities and superstars swear by, but even the priciest one could not work its claimed magic on your skin. Chances are, it could be the wrong product for your skin type or its active ingredients are too potent […]

Futuristic Facials (T Singapore)


As technology improves, so do facials, even those done at thehands of a facialist or a therapist. At Freia Aesthetics, clientswho come in for facials first undergo a comprehensive skin diagnosticsystem. From there, a customised treatment canbe created Serene Seah, the director of Freia Aesthetics, explains to methat the machine uses three types of electric […]

Most Effective Facials To Combat Your Oily Skin Woes


Why reap the benefits of one high-tech treatment when you can enjoy the results of two in just one facial? Designed to give customers maximum results in minimum time, it combines the deep-cleansing Hydrafacial with the glow-boosting Intraceuticals to give congested skin a newfound clarity. Read more