September 14

Are Your Eye Care Products Giving You Milia Seeds?

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The dreaded milia… Yes, the harmless keratin-filled cysts that form just under the skin, turning into tiny bumps. If you get them easily around the delicate area, it’s about time to review your eye products. Are they overly rich in texture? Do they penetrate effectively into the skin?

You see, unlike the rest of the face, the eye area has no oil glands so it can get naturally dehydrated. Blood circulation is not optimal either, so nature needs a bit of help in this department.

Choose eye care products that dramatically improve circulation, deliver much-needed hydration while plumping up the skin without adding to puffiness. Two perfect examples of multi-faceted eye solutions that check these boxes are:

1. Auteur Definitive Eye Cream

Photo: Instagram / Auteur

It does everything we desire an eye product to deliver: Reduction of dark circles, puffiness, tauter, firmer skin with visibly less fine lines. Yes, all of those effects in one formulation. ⁠ ⁠

Apart from high powered actives to stimulate circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, peptides to give a botox-like effect, and growth factors, one key reason why this product trumps MANY eye creams is the thoughtful delivery system. It increases the stability of actives and the bioavailability (i.e. its penetration rate) of peptides by a whopping 90 times!

This limits the formation of primary milia while keeping to its promise of younger, brighter eyes!

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2. Oumere The Eye Serum

Photo: Instagram / Oumere

This serum also does everything from reducing dark circles and puffiness to boosting hydration. An amazing eye product that penetrates instantly yet moisturises 24/7.

Due to Oumere’s minimal water content in its collection and high concentration of active ingredients, if you feel a tingling sensation, go ahead and dilute with distilled water before use. Say hello to brighter, fresher and youthful-looking eyes. 

Pro-tip: Both can be used in the AM and PM. But if puffy eyes are a concern, skip the cream for night and stick to serums.

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