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Future Cosmetics Boutique produces some of the world's most potent, natural and safe formulations made from specialized herbs and essential oils — promoting unparalleled skin health and healing. This boutique brand with a cult-like status from Israel is highly sought after by discerning skincare experts seeking to Purify, Stimulate, Hydrate, Nourish and Protect skin. 

What Future Can Do For Your Skin

At Freia we know you want to have health radiant youthful looking skin and we believe that begins with addressing and treating your existing skin issues like bumpiness, irritation, redness, acne etc. 

The problem is that having multiple skin issues and even having sensitive skin makes you self-conscious and skeptical about finding an effective skincare solution you can rely on.

We believe that everyone deserves to look beautiful, with healthy and radiant skin.

We understand that your struggle with skin issues may seem never-ending  — which is why Future uses extremely balanced curation of time-tested plant and herb based ingredients to heal your skin with potent effect

What Our Verified Purchasers Say

Recovering From 3rd Trimester

My skin really took a beating during the first trimester of pregnancy - i was getting spots and my skin felt like it was constantly dehydrated. Beauty Drops No. 3 was my life saver and it was a super added bonus that the botanical scent did not make me nauseous like some of my other products.

Francine Lai

Stubborn Zits Calming Down

Started drops #3 last night and it helped so much with my inflammation/maskne!! Can see the stubborn zits on my chin calm down so much this morning when I woke 💓 the smell and feel of the oil is very soothing too. Will definitely look into expanding my Future collection!

Ms Z

Love It!

Love my Freia facial. Very gentle and skin feels extremely soft post facial. Super recommended. Love the Future beauty drops 3 and Oumere no.9 are my holy grail. Can't do without these 2 items in my routine.

Fangmin Lin

What Sorcery Is This?

What sorcery is this? Had a growing pimple on the chin area a week plus ago. Followed Freia's instructions (initially skeptical) not to use anything except no.3... and wait. Within a few days, the pimple started to "shrink" but the bump was still there. Continued waiting, applying no.3 and now 10 days after, the bump has flattened out completely, pushed out a white head and it's all done. Just like that. Nothing like this for maskne and acne!

Sarah Lim

Got it before it was sold out!

Ah! Was so fortunate to be able to get my hands on this before it was sold out! Loving how this has been helping with my maskne and random naughty pimples. Dare I say more than the previous brand I used!🤭


Definitely Looking Forward To Back... Trying Other Facials!

I went for the Future Fountain of Youth facial at Freia and it was such a heavenly experience! I already have Future BD3 and was excited to try other products from the brand, and this facial is a good way to do just that. All their products smell amazing! My therapist Sueann was very skilled and used products suited to my skin type. Definitely looking forward to going back and trying their other facials!


How Does Future Cosmetic Skincare Work?

We understand that your struggle with skin issues may seem never-ending which is why Future uses extremely balanced curation of time-tested plant and herb based ingredients to heal your skin with potent effect.

Here’s how we do it.

  1. You can use our extremely gentle and deeply purifying cleaners to ensure you skin is purified
  2. We develop specific products to stimulate, hydrate, and nourish your skin so it gets all the healthy elements it needs to thrive
  3. We add specific protective ingredients to protect your skin from harsh environmental effects

So you can buy from our Future skincare collection, learn about which product you can start with or check out the reviews of our verified purchasers. 

And you can stop using harsh products that are detrimental to your skin’s long-term health and get on track with skincare that works from the inside out, proven year after year.

About Future Cosmetics

Future is an authentic & unique, indie family owned beauty business. Not a newbie by any sense of the word, the brand was created 40 years ago by Anita Bar Lev. Dedicated to restoring skin’s youth, radiance and health through holistic methods, Future is a breath of fresh air that connects you to nature yet delivers astoundingly. The Future collection is a minimalist, smart collection of products that allows us to treat ANY skin, age, gender, safely & surely.

Anita is the living spirit behind Future Cosmetics with her passion and experience. Today, led by Yifat, three generations of their family work together to create, develop, and manufacture products in their family laboratory. Future Cosmetics offers a unique collection of skincare products based on all the very best in nature: pure oils, amino acids, essential oils, medical herbs, and algae. Each batch of products use the freshest ingredients and are produced in limited, boutique quantities.

With a wonderful combination of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology, Future Cosmetics is the bridge between folk herbal medicine from all around the world.

The unique and expert quality of Future Cosmetics products has gained a loyal clientele through word of mouth of those seeking the highest quality of skin care.

Anita Bar-Lev and her daughter, Yifat Ovadya, CEO of Future Cosmetics

About Anita, Founder of Future Cosmetics

In the golden age of skincare and cosmetics in the 1970s, Anita trained as both a nurse and cosmetician, Anita was inspired from the start to find a balanced path of skin care that resonated with both elements of her training. Studying with experts in alternative medicine, cosmetology, and botanical treatments, she came intimately know the ingenuity of skin – delicate and powerful at once.

Teaming with makeup artist husband Benny Bar Lev, Anita has developed professionals' conferences, magazines and training programs around her skin care philosophy: Skin should never be harshly manipulated. Rather it can be deeply transformed through treatments that restore its optimal state. 

In the 1980’s, Anita inaugurated her own cosmetology school in Tel Aviv, since then certifying hundreds of cosmeticians in her professional skin care approach.

In 1989, Anita and Benny collaborated with expert biologists and cosmeticians to launch a cosmetics laboratory that would develop the formulas of the Future Cosmetics line.

In 1993 Anita launched the first line of Future Cosmetics products – a boutique line of meticulously developed skin care products that infuse skin with nurturing treatments, restoring its natural vigor and radiance. Produced in the small and intimate family enterprise developed by Anita over the years, Future Cosmetics products are made with the greatest care for quality.

The 5 Key Elements Of The Future Philosophy

Our skin is beautiful when it is healthy, radiant, naturally glowing. Every product in the Future collection is a whole “system” comprising these 5 elements; but in varying percentages and using different actives.

  •  Purification – not limited by physical cleansing of the skin but also removing internal toxins
  •  Stimulation – regular, active exfoliation is important to renew skin cells, build the lymphatic drainage processes
  •  Hydration – a central tenet for good, healthy skin. Only when skin is hydrated, can it be healthy, absorb actives
  •  Nourishment – amino acids, proteins, hydration to nourish skin
  •  Protection –skin barrier must be protected for skin to be healthy

These are the principles for bio-harmony – the perfect balance point of every organism. When we give the skin the perfect bio-harmony, it glows with balance, radiance and vitality.

"My first foray into Future was purely coincidental. I never thought I would find another brand that could perform (nearly) as well. I read with much interest about Future Beauty Drops. 
When my skin first experienced the luscious, silky texture of Beauty Drops, the rest was history… The performance, efficacy, soothing, holistic approach to treating skin has captivated my heart completely and fully.
Soothing yet invigorating, gentle yet stimulating, its herbal scent characteristic in the collection instantly calms any state of stress, inviting you to experience and enjoy that skincare journey. The entire range of Beauty Drops, cremes, masks, pairs and complements other skincare products exceptionally well – like hand in glove, like a match made in heaven. With limited and fresh stocks 100% manufactured in their family-owned laboratories, Future is truly an artisan skincare brand xoxo"

Serene Seah-Ma, Founder, Freia Aesthetics

How Will Future Cosmetics Help You Unlike Any Other Skincare You've Tried Before

Future adopts a highly smart, intelligent, minimalistic approach to building better skin. Every product in the collection is a whole system in itself, with the 5 elements in mind, but in varying degrees and focus points. One can achieve great results with only 4-5 products.

There is nothing synthetic or harsh about its ingredients – skin is always respected & integrity preserved but it is highly active. Rooted in its philosophy of keeping skin healthy with its 5 elements, it is natural, safe for all ages, all skin types (acne, rosacea, anti-aging, intolerant skin), all stages of life (teens, adulthood, pregnancy, menopause etc).

Future is all about being gentle on skin but it treats the underlying problem at a much deeper level.

How Future Cosmetics Complements Your Favourite Products

Any skincare product that believes in building better skin & to treat skin with the utmost respect will work seamlessly with Future Cosmetics. Future takes on a higher emphasis on folk/traditional medicine in its formulations.

Future’s products blend in with almost any product effortlessly. Beauty Drops can be used after water based serums; Crème Extremes can be layered on or below other moisturizers and creams to treat the skin instant OR to treat different parts of the face (eg. To manage - zone breakouts and cheek dehydration). Golden Touch Oil can be mixed into any crème or used as a finishing serum. The possibilities are endless.

Recommended Starting Products From Future Cosmetics For First-Timers

The CULT favorite that defines Future Cosmetics and has quickly gained a loyal following world-wide — everyone needs to experience the magic of Beauty Drops No. 3. You will never find anything that comes close to the healing powers of this one.

Beauty Drops are made from the highest quality silk amino acids (silk is the closest to our skin & quipped as our “Second Skin") which gives its incredible texture of literally “melting into skin”.

No. 3 is the global star for its versatility and healing powers. It soothes, balances, purifies, heals skin. It can be used for seborrheic / acne prone skin, post aesthetic procedures or intolerant skin - in essence, to correct ANY skin imbalance & to reset it to normalcy.

You can use this as an SOS remedy when skin needs healing (during / post acne / eczema) or in layers as a makeup primer.

Other Future Cosmetics Products You Have To Get Your Hands On

1. Mask Heritage

Mask Heritage is a 30 year old formulation, inspired by Anita’s encounter with a Brazilian Shaman in traditional medicine. This blend of plant extracts gives instantly bright, clear, glowing skin, consistently with its blend of exfoliating, renewing & purifying properties. All within 20 minutes. A must-have for everyone. Get ready to glow like the heavens!

2. Phyto Mask No. 2

Phyto Mask No. 2 is a unique French green clay based mask that purifies, detoxifies yet hydrates skin. Soothes, calms pimples, heals post treatment skin. So many ways to use this. The most gentle yet powerful detox mask you will find. 

3. Crème Extreme No. 1

Crème Extreme No. 1 leverages of most important plant oils to treat skin, Crème extremes found the foundation of Future’s creams. Contains premium essential oils (Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary) in tiny proportions, they melt like butter and glides onto skin effortlessly. No. 1 is perfect to treat any delicate, intolerant skin.

4. Golden Touch Oil

This unique blend of natural oils contains the most rich and effective source of essential fatty acids, peptides, anti-oxidants and vitamins. It is amazing for protection against environmental damage, add more moisture to your skin and beautiful silky glow.

Golden Touch Oil is a great treatment for dry, fragile and dehydrated skin and a perfect nourishing deep treatment for aging skin.

Don't Miss Out On Seasonal Discounts!

It's not just about our fantastic seasonal offers. We carry some of the world's most sought-after skincare products lines that have very limited production quantities which makes email an excellent way to stay updated on when stocks arrive. This means you get the optimum skincare supply you need without any breaks in treatment. ❤️

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