Futuristic Facials (T Singapore)

As technology improves, so do facials, even those done at the
hands of a facialist or a therapist. At Freia Aesthetics, clients
who come in for Biologique Recherche facials first undergo the
Skin Instant Lab, the brand’s comprehensive skin diagnostic
system that helps the therapist navigate the 29 serums and 20
cremes in its line-up.

From there, a customised treatment can
be created, including using the Biologique Recherche
Remodelling Face machine. Created specifically to help the
numerous serums, boosters and masques penetrate into the
skin, this machine helps “exercise” the muscles in your face
— thus stimulating collagen and blood circulation.

Serene Seah, the director of Freia Aesthetics, explains to me
that the machine uses three types of electric currents and one
high frequency wave. “The therapists adjust those currents so
clients are essentially having three or four treatments in one

The therapists will then observe where you would
want to sharpen or sculpt the face and do so accordingly,” says
Seah. Some, like the galvanic current, uses continuous current
to reduce the stratum corneum’s (the outermost layer of
skin) resistance and thus allows active ingredients to penetrate,
while the low and medium frequency currents have the ability
to reshape the facial contours by lifting and toning the skin.

After getting my skin analysed by the Skin Instant Lab
system, my therapist recommended the Booster 1 (the Be O2
Radiant) to brighten and oxygenate my skin and then used the
remodelling machine to work the active ingredients in my
customised blend of serums deep into my skin.

She chose Dermopores (to tighten dilated pores), Placenta
(for skin recovery) and Amniotique (for hydration) as well as
the Visolastin+ masque for extra hydration. The result was skin
that is plump and dewy, thanks to the intense hydration, and a
face that was lifted and firmer. Beyond a typical facial that uses
just products and manual techniques, there was an obvious and
quick improvement in both the radiance as well as the defining
of contours.

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