January 18

How to Spring Clean Your Skincare Regime

More than a myth, the tradition of the CNY Spring Cleaning is one I grew up with. We Chinese believe that the act of spring cleaning before the new year sweeps away the previous year’s bad luck and prepares the home for wonderful things ahead in the new year. Over the weekend, my nesting tendencies were calling out to me to do a hard reset of my bountiful skincare products.

I may be no Marie Kondo but hoping these personal tips I live by also helps you re-organize your beauty gems, ditch out our half-finished products and look forward to more glowing skin! 

1. Check the product for the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol. This gives you a clue as to how long the product lasts after opening. “12M” means you should throw out a product after 12 months of opening.

2. Check the product expiry date. Even for unopened products, adhere to this to ensure product’s freshness.

3. Check if the color, texture and scent is still “right”. If it looks “off” (e.g. cream has separated), it’s best to use it for the body or ditch it, EVEN if it’s still within the period of opening.

4. Check for half-opened samples and discard them!

5. Use an anti-bacterial wet wipe or alcohol wipe to clean the bottle opening. 

6. Ditch products. As hard as it may be, if it has been sitting on your vanity top for months, you are NOT going to use it. 🙂

7. Segregate not by brand but by function. I have my CLEANSERS, LOTIONS, SERUMS, CREAMS, MASKS and 2 last buckets for products which I use much less of – this allows me to quickly know which bucket to pick out the product!

P.S. Check out the reel below to see my spring cleaning situation!
xoxo, Serene

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