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If you are on the lookout and on the fence about visiting Freia Aesthetics, read what our customers have to say about us here! 

We look forward to helping you look your best through age-defying treatments, hair removal, and other body contouring sessions at any of our 2 convenient and centrally located Medispas.

Immediate Glow

Ms Low

Excellent service. Jenny is superb. Patient and sweet natured. It's my first. The immediate glow was obvious. Thank you.

Results Clear As Day

Ms S.N.

I had the most amazing experience there when I visited this summer to prepare for a wedding I was attending. The staff were so helpful and the service was impeccable. They have expert knowledge on very specific brands that I already loved and I grew to love them even more after the advice they gave me. I could tell they just really believe in the treatments and the results were clear as night and day. I wish you guys were in Japan! Will definitely stop by again when I am in town!

Sends Me To Heaven Everytime

Ms Hine

Super pampering Biologique Recherche facial...love the massage techniques and boosters. My therapist sends me to heaven every time. I look forward to every session!

Cutting Edge Treatments Without Fuss

Ms A.L.

Freia has curated a menu of simply effective facial treatments that are at the cutting edge of medical science! No faff and no fuss, just treatments that will definitely improve skin quality, and which are delivered by highly trained therapists in a luxurious, pampering environment! I love the BR facials, especially 2nd Peau. Highly recommended!

There's No Pushiness Here

Ms Foong

The place to go for the most effective and relaxing facials in spacious rooms with the perfect lighting, scent and temperature. There is no need to worry about the staff being pushy. They only recommend the service and products you need. The best part is that the recommendations work!

Super Patient and Professional

Lim Yi Yue

I am really thankful to have found Friea! I first chance upon them as I was looking online to purchasing BR products and saw that the freia 247 website has them. I was however unsure which product was suitable for my skin type. My skin was in a very bad state, oily and full of blemishes, I decided to have a consultation with them before getting the products and it was done through WhatsApp due to it being the circuit breaker period and this was where I met Tina. Tina was very helpful and friendly where you could tell her recommendations and concerns for my skin was genuine. To my surprise, she was not pushy AT ALL when it comes to purchases products as compared to many other Asthetic clinics. In fact Tina had actually advise me to go easy on the products to purchase as I was telling her all the products that I would like to try out. After receive my products Tina also guided me exactly how to use the products and was Super patient throughout the whole process, she even check back on me weekly to see how is my process and if I had any sensitivity and how the effects of them are. I would HIGHLY recommend them when it comes your skin an I am very sure that they want the best for you, very professional staff and good products!! Thank you!!

Patronising Freia Aesthetics For Years

Ms Ong

Have been having my facials done by Ally for a no. of years, and I must say she's been great! Thanks Ally and keep up the good job!

Enjoyed My First Experience Immensely

Ms Ooi

Had my first facial in a long time at Freia Aesthetics today and was greeted by Serene and her team of aestheticians who were all very warm and friendly. Serene and my attending aesthetician were very professional and attentive. They took the time to understand and analyze my skin concerns and to explain the treatment they thought was the best fit for me.

I enjoyed my first experience at Freia Aesthetics immensely and can't wait to be back for my next round of treatment! Thank you for taking such great care of me Serene and Team! x

The Best Pampering

Ms Lim

The best pampering clinical facial treatments in a cosy environment. I appreciate all the delicate attention to details and how the many little things all add up. Special mention to Ally who has well taken care of my needs always. Keep it up 🙂

The Best Facial I Ever Had In Singapore

Ms Battaglia

I redeemed a voucher given to me for my birthday and decided to go for a hydrafacial treatment. This is my 3rd facial treatment at Freia. The salon at Wisma Atria is elegant, warm and very clean. The staff at the front desk is incredibly welcoming and kind.

Yuffy took care of my treatment. She was super attentive, she explained everything she was doing and made it easy for me to understand. I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep! 🙂 My face was beautifully exfoliated and well treated during the treatment. I immediately saw the difference as soon as it was done. Now my skin is glowing, hydrated, plump and the healthiest it has ever looked. Yuffy made me feel like I was in a bubble where time did not matter.

Hands-down the best facial I have ever had in Singapore!

Thanks Yuffy for making me feel like a princess. Thanks Serene (founder) for offering beyond-brilliant treatments able to restore every skin’s natural glow.

They Only Use High Quality Skincare Brands

Ms Nishiwaki

Excellent facials with kind staff that will care for your skin needs with special attention and care. There are tons of facials to choose from and they only use high quality skincare brands. No weird pushy sales of packages or items either. A must experience if you want the ultimate pamper session!

Professional Service

Ms Zhang

Professional service, great products and relaxing environment. Fion is one of their best!

The Best Facial In Singapore

Ms Dao

Fion is an excellent consultant. Freia is the best facial I've been to in Singapore over the last few years living here.

So Luxurious With No Hard-Sell

Angelyn Gan

Excellent experience at Freia, the facial was so luxurious and the outcome was so much different from other aesthetic I’ve been. My aesthetician Fion provided me an amazing facial, I love her facial techniques and the excellent services she provide. Love the way she share with me the services and products without forcing me to buy and she even gave me a sample to try out before purchase.

No Hard Sell Here

Ms Yee

Facial is very relaxing & make me fell asleep during the treatment every time I go. There is no hard selling so far & this make the whole experience more enjoyable which is very different from other facial salons that I had patronised in the past. This is also why I continue to patronise them to this day.

Always Such An Enjoyable Experience

Ms Liew

Amazing facials with immediate results. Very attentive staff with good knowledge of the products. Always such an enjoyable experience when I have my facial at the Raffles City outlet. Met Serene on my last visit and she is so passionate about the products that they carry!

Advised How I Can Layer Other Products

Jen Ong

I have been buying my BR products from Freia since last year upon the advice of the Freia team, all of whom have been spectacular. I would like to especially commend on the services rendered by the fantastic Ally at the Wisma branch. I recently dropped by to do the BR skin instant lab. Ally was very professional, yet candid, took the time to explain in great detail my skin condition throughout the process, and afterwards a demonstration on how to apply them on my face, as well as product recommendations not just within the BR range, but also advised how I can layer my other products from Skinceuticals and Skinbetter. She also checked on me the next day and asked if I had further enquiries that she could help me with when she realised I had placed Crystal Tomato sunscreen in my online cart but had not carted out (we had discussed this the previous day). I now add CT sunscreen to my list of fave products from Freia. I would also add that while I had started out with BR's P50 and Skinceuticals, it was Serene's videos on FB and FB stories that convinced me to venture beyond P50 to try the rest in the range and eventually Skinbetter. Love them all, so thank you! My skin is far from perfect but it's never been better in a long time!

Once you go BR, you'll never go back

Ms Tan P.L.

I started my Freia x BR journey on 4 October 2019 and my skin has never been better. My first facial at Freia was the BR second skin treatment - once a week for 3 sessions and thereafter, once every 3 to 4 weeks. After my 1st session, my skin felt hydrated, was visibly plumped and glowing. I have never seen my skin this way before. My nasolabial folds appeared softer and less visible (who needs fillers now!!). I was thoroughly impressed and my skin was CLEARLY obsessed with BR.

Today, I started on my BR royale experience treatment which entails microneedling. The microneedling reatment was painless because numbing cream was applied. My skin is responding well thus far. No redness and no pain at all post treatment. Skin is plumped, glowing and hydrated. I think my skin is loving the BR royale experience treatment.

They say, once you go BR, you'll never go back. So True.

Thank you Yuffy for your tender loving care! Other than my mother, I now trust you with my skin. And Serene, thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and affable personality. Awesome medi spa that is worth every penny spent.

My Favourite Facial

Ms Foo

Things I love about Freia? The service is great! Friendly, helpful and dedicated team who only recommends products suitable for one’s skin and does not hard sell (which is very important for a relaxing facial experience!).

My favourite facial so far is the Aqua Boost facial - When coupled with the right Biologique Recherche products, I have seen improvements. For my case, it took about 3 months before I saw visible results.

If you ask me to choose only ONE serum, I will highly recommend the Placenta serum - it is the holy grail of all serums for repairing skin!

All in all, I will highly recommend Freia for those who don’t mind spending a little more for service and quality products. Also, Biologique recherche is one of the best skincare Brands around!

Skin Analysis Was Very Helpful

Jessica Truong

Great service and my skin looked better right after the treatments. The skin analysis was also very helpful and was given good advice on what products to use to improve my skin. They also continued good communication through whatsapp to answer any additional questions I had

I Do Notice A Glow In My Skin

Priscilla Wuersch-Ng

The room was extremely clean and bed was well prepped for a good facial. I selected the Hydra facial which was all encompassing. My therapist, Kelly, was very skilled and pinpointed areas of my face which required attention. I was recommended a couple of BR products which I have been using for about a month now. I do notice a glow in my skin and giving me a fairer complexion. Looking forward to trying a different facial at my next visit!

Skillful, Knowledgable And Patient

Ms Z.W.

The aestheticians or beauty therapists at Freia Aesthetics are very friendly and helpful. They are patient to hear my concerns of my skin and willing to let me try the products before buying it. I experienced wonderful facial treatments from Ally who is gentle, skillful, and knowledgeable. And I always feel nice and warm when she serves me with the hot honey-lemon drink after the facial treatment. I’m also pleased to be able to meet a very friendly and warm person, who is the founder and director of Freia Aesthetics, Serene Seah-Ma. She is always ready to answer any queries of the skin care products and usage. I learn a lot from her through her Instagram she shared in videos. Thanks for making a wonderful experience for me.

Skin Looks Plumper After Remodeling Face Facial

Ms Smith

Had an amazing facial and therapist Ally’s hands were so soothing - I went for the anti-aging facial which included RF, facial massage and mask 90 mins of such care. This morning my skin looks plumper - would I have it again? Definitely will try and fit one in before I go back to UK

Quick To Address My Many Concerns


I posted an enquiry to book an online consultation, and Tina immediately followed up with me through WhatsApp. She was quick to address my many concerns, and patiently guided me through my queries about the product range. Her calming countenance and the professionalism of the therapist I spoke to at the Raffles City outlet enabled me to be communicative and open to receive the help I needed. They were very kind to offer me some samples of products, so I would be better able to gauge the efficacy and fit before committing. Looking forward to clearer skin 🙂 Thank you Tina and co!

You're In Good Hands With Freia Aesthetics

June Tan

I shall start from beginning of my experience. During circuit breaker period, my skin was going haywire. I think it what congested but couldn't really figured it was(I am no skin specialist). I started buying all sorts of skin products online hopping my skin will turn out better but it did not. Then i googled alot to search for better skin products and landed on BR which then brought me to Freia Aesthetics. I messaged them and they were very responsive whether it's via messenger or WhatsApp and met Tina there. She was very helpful and even asked me to take a pic of my face so she can check. There was no pressure to buy anything online and in fact she said it would actually be better to see face to face but then phase 2 has not started. Fast forward to today, i just had my first BR facial by Yuffy and it was absolutely amazing. 90mins passed very fast when you are in good hands! A skin analysis was done via a machine. After which she proceeded to recommend few facial options. During the facial itself, she just explains what goes into my skin. No constant yapping or hardsell. Even after the whole thing, there was absolutely no hardsell at all but me being me, i bought the cult favourite P500 to try out. Good thing is they had different sizes!. I booked for another for another session and now my BR journey has just begun!

Excited to start my skincare journey with Freia


I hardly write reviews but this one is definitely well-deserved. I first discovered Freia Aesthetics when I was looking to purchase BR products.

Following my first purchase, I was pleasantly surprised to find how willing the staff was to provide advice (via whatsapp) on how I could incorporate the new BR products alongside my existing routine. I fell in love with BR and decided to take the plunge and further update my skincare routine - I reached out again and explained that I would need some help choosing new products.

Again, I was met with great advice and was recommended to head down to their offices so that they could analyse my skin and thereafter better provide advice on what products were suitable (this may seem small, but I really appreciated this as it was indicative that Freia is dedicated to treating specific skin concerns and does not want their customers to purchase products just for the sake of it).

My skin consultation with Ally was great - I enjoyed the fact that Freia wants to know what your current skin routine is (and doesn't mind that you use other products), and is willing to help you incorporate products into your current routine. Ally didn't oversell me on anything and even told me to hold back on purchasing certain products that I didn't necessarily require at the moment. She also encouraged the fact that I wanted to first purchase a smaller volume of the product on a trial basis saying that it was very important that I first try the products to see if they were suitable.

Fast-forward to my facial experience with Freia: I had first enquired about their facial services when I met with Ally and explained that I had been looking for a suitable place for a long time.

Previously, my facial experiences have been quite mediocre and upsetting as I ended up with some marks and scars from extraction / didn't like the hard-selling / overselling aspect etc. I was basically super afraid to trust any place with my skin again. But Ally was extremely warm and understanding, she explained the different services Freia provided, sent me off with a brochure and didn't force me to sign up for a trial/ package - everything was super non-committal and i loved this refreshing approach.

I was told that I should be comfortable with the place and could try any one of their services if i decided, zero-obligation - this truly resonated with me. I finally took the plunge and decided to head down for a Hydra-O2 facial at Freia on a trial basis.

Ally was very pleasant, obliging, thorough and professional - skin analysis was provided, manual extraction was thorough but not overly-invasive (she even explained why she didn't want to extract certain pimples as they were not "ripe" yet), at every step of the way she explained the procedure and its benefits. Even after my trial, Ally didn't push for me to sign up for a package which I really appreciated.

At the end of the facial, my skin was glowing and for the first time ever I walked out of a facial without my face being bright red! 4 days after my facial, my skin continues to improve and I'm truly sold on Freia's services - definitely planning to become a regular at Freia and I am so happy and excited to start my skincare journey with them. Special thanks to Tina for being so responsive via whatsapp!

Top Notch Product Range

Ms Lau

Excellent service and very high quality products. Staff of Freia are always friendly and go out of their way to make you comfortable so that you have a relaxing session. Their range of products are top notch. If you are serious about taking care of your skin I wouldn't recommend any where else to go.

A Must Try

Ms Chin

Experience at Freia has been nothing short of excellent! Serene and her team are always available to help with any questions on skin needs and consults for products. They are never pushy and only recommend what your skin needs and is suitable. They won’t hesitate to discourage from purchasing unsuitable products. Yuffy as a facialist is detailed and very experienced. I always enjoy the facials with them, especially the BR ones. A must try especially with their frequent product promotions! Strongly recommend visiting them!

Have Not Found A Better Facial Centre

Ms Isaguirre

Always a great experience!! I've been going to freia since the start of this year and I have not found a better facial center than this. They make you feel like a queen and at the same time their treatments are really effective. They stock the full line of Biologique Recherche in their stores as well! I used to ask my friends going to Paris to buy my BR essentials, but now, not anymore! Highly recommend this place!

I'm Going To Be A Long Term Customer

Mr Goh

I have been going to Freia Aesthetics for the past two years and I’ve had an extremely positive experience there. The beauticians are well equipped with knowledge on how to deal with different skin types and they are also not pushy when it comes to products and packages. I see myself being a long-term customer of Freia Aesthetics.

My Skin Was Instantly Glowing

Ms N.

Had the BEST TIME at Freia Aesthetics! The staff were very accommodating, helpful & knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions regarding my skin concerns & recommended products that would suit my skin type. I was able to chat a bit with my therapist, Fion, and learn from her. The facial was very relaxing & my skin was instantly glowing afterwards! Serene was also very warm towards us & chatted with us despite her busy schedule. Thank you, Freia Aesthetics, for the very memorable experience!

Always The Right Treatments

Ms Dubey

I always enjoy my visits at Freia. Serene is kind and knowledgeable and recommends the right treatments for my skin type. I leave the salon with glowing skin every time. Looking forward to my next visit! Thank you, Serene!

Money Well Spent

Ms Papina

Freia a proper Biologique Recherche representative in Singapore. Amazing face massage, just TOP! I had Hydrafacial treatment too and was very very happy with the result. Extraction was painless and no redress after. They are simply amazing. Therapists are very professional. Online shopping experience was pleasant and prices are almost the same with EU and they always have very convenient promotions. Money well spent! ❤️ Thank you Freia, looking forward to try more treatments.

Excellent Service And High Quality Products

Ms Iwanaga

The staff was so nice and loved the facial here. Will definitely come back again. Atmosphere of the place is very relaxing and calm. The room is spacious and nice feeling. Facial massage was very nice as well. I absolutely loved my experience here. They have excellent service and high quality products.

Signed Up A Package For More

Ms Y.L

Excellent experience at Freia today. I have a facial skin analysis and treatment by Jenny. She is superb. The session is very relaxing and my skin feels improved after just 1 session. I have signed up a package to come back for more.

Comfortable and Professional Facial Extraction

Jane Tan

Therapist Yuffy is highly skilled and I've never experienced such comfortable and fast hands during a facial extraction process. She is gentle and provides a very customer centric consultation for both facial and products. She is warm and friendly and most importantly, non sales-y. Freia aesthetics provide professionalism in their services and authenticity.

Impressive Results

Ms T. Tham

Very different kind of facial but impressive results. Products and usage very well explained.

Exceptional Face Massage

Ms Tan

I did my first Biologique Recherche facial treatment at Freia Aesthetics (Raffles City outlet). The experience is luxurious and so relaxing, and my therapist is very warm, and friendly. The face massage was exceptional! I really enjoyed the treatment and without a doubt I will return for more BR treatments. The BR glow is real!

Skin Feel More Hydrated

Thuy Ho

Could not fault the service from Freia Aesthetics. From point of reception to when I was out the door, the service was impeccable. Kelly helped me over the phone prior to making the appointment. She was very informative, patient, and helpful. Even when I had to make a last minute cancellation she was so accommodating and kind. The facial itself was great, (also taken care of by Kelly). My skin feels more hydrated and I feel better educated on how to best improve my skin in the long-term. Reception area was clean, neat and tidy. Facial room was spacious, lux feeling and had soothing relaxing atmosphere. I also liked that she made sure I went to the rest room first, and the bedding was heated for my comfort. It's all in the details! She did not try to upsell me and was upfront with prices and went through the price lists thoroughly and slowly answered any questions I had which is a huge plus for me when deciding whether I will come back or not. The aftercare products look legit and I've been so excited to use them. I splurged quite abit but I don't regret it or have any buyers remorse! I will definitely be recommending this place and will come back. Thank you!

The entire experience was phenomenal

Ms M.

I am very particular with facial services & have tried many, but never committed to any because they lack the professionalism & knowledge about skincare which I expect from facial salons. I stumbled upon Freia Aesthetics as I am very intrigued that they have Valmont facial which only exists in 5-6 star hotels (I am using Valmont products so I know how good they are). So, I went for a trial & eventually chose one of their Biologique Recherche facials (another brand which I am very interested in). The entire experience was phenomenal & I wanted more. My therapist Ally is very experienced & explained everything clearly to me, what the products do and what I will be expecting. After the facial, I had an hour long chat about skincare and beauty with Serene the founder of Freia Aesthetics. Serene is very passionate about what she provides to her clients & very knowledgeable about skincare - her values/ideas/concepts are all in line with my expectations from a beauty salon. I am convinced that I am in good hands so I joined their package. No hard sell from anyone which I appreciate. Looking forward to my first-ever committed facial journey!

Thanks Fion

Ms D.H.

Fion is very patient in getting to know her clients well. The products she recommended work well for me. Highly recommend to ladies who is looking for great facial services. Thanks Fion!

Day By Day Improvement With Real Glow

Yu Ling Eyo

My skin was going through a really tough time and thank god I found Freia Aesthetics!! Tina arranged for me to speak to Serene and she curated out a Biologique Recherche routine for my skin. My skin has been improving day by day and after 3 plus months, I see some glow! (still working towards balanced, blemish-free skin!). Tina & her team have been extremely sweet in answering all my enquiries and following up with my progress. I am so glad that I reached out to Freia. If not for them, I will be still spending $$ to products that don't work... Will definitely recommend anyone out there with or without skin issues to reach out to Freia, you won't regret it! Thank you Serene, Tina & Freia Aesthetics Team! 😀

My Skin Became Brighter And Glowing Immediately After The Facial

Ms T.

Always enjoy my facial here at Freia Aesthetics. Did my VIP O2 facial and immediately I can see that my face is brighter and glowing after the facial. Was attended by beautician, Kelly and she is superb. Got some good advice from her on what products to use to help my dehydrated skin and will definitely place my order online at Freia 247.

Very Detailed Explanation

Ms Tham

I had a BR facial by Kelly and the results was amazing. Very detailed explanation on how to use the products.

Real Glow And Fullness To Complexion

Ms Lynn

It was my first time doing a BR facial and it was a wonderful experience with Jenny. I did the Second Skin treatment and there was really a real glow and plumpness to my complexion which was above my expectations. Due to my sensitive complexion, Jenny also took special care to customise the facial to my requests and allay my concerns. 5 stars to efficacy, service and ambience. I will be back!

Warm and Polite

Rupambiuka Das

This was the first time ever I went to get a facial done.I knew what is the basic procedure of getting a facial done, but never knew it is so relaxing and soothing. Offcourse in one attempt no one should expect a fantastic result but I loved the way my skin felt after the treatment. Since I am a student I had a budget crunch but what I loved the most is the non forceful way of pursuing to get a service done plus no also no force on buying their products. Also I was not asked to buy any package or something. Ally my specialist for today politely let me know about the products and service they provide and then let me decide what I wanted. It was such an amazing experience I had today. Someone who has no limit in budget please do drop by their clinic. It is expensive for sure but also worth the value. I went to the Orchard outlet and was unable to find the direction, so I just dropped them a message and they immediately called me and gave direction with such appropriateness that one doesn't even need to bother to look at the map. The way I was attended today with such warmth and politeness , so so happy. Already booked the next appointment and going back even though its a little on a higher end for my budget, Kudos team. 🙂 🙂 🙂 not a single thing I can point out to complain on. Please give it a try.

Great Advice And Helpful Tips

Ms S.T

Had to write another review because I'm very impressed with how my skin texture has improved so far since my 2nd BR facial yesterday with Yuffy (this time at Wisma Atria branch). I also went for Skin Instant Lab to understand more about skin - Yuffy explained to me in details on each point and it was very helpful. Glad that I decided to do it. Then we proceed with the BR Facial. My skin texture is a lot smoother and even though I have occasional hormonal chin breakout, the BR products used during the facial actually help to calm it down. I was quite blown away by the immediate results and how glowing my skin looks. Thanks to Yuffy - she's very dedicated in helping to achieve our skin goals. She always give great advices and share helpful tips on my skincare routine. So far, it has been a great experience at Freia. Thank you once again to the team :). I will definitely come back again to do BR facial 🙂

Excellent Service

Donn Chin

Freia provides an excellent service with results promised. After my first NeoGen facial, my skin becomes smoother, and it brightens up my dull skin too! Ally is very tactful and explained to me clearly what to expect in the facial and also provides me all options to the steps of facial for me to choose the one that I feel comfortable with. I really love the service all their stuffs provided. Not forgetting to give credits to our dear Serene(xoxo) who make all these happens, great products with excellent service! Where else to find it? Only in Freia!! 🙂

Definitely Going Back For More

Ms Xie

I've always been hesitant about getting a facial. To put one's face in the hands of a stranger is a big risk (first world problems yes I know). I have been purchasing my skinceuticals and BR products from Freia Aesthetics in Raffles City and the atmosphere always struck me as warm and relaxed, the staff friendly and happy to share their knowledge about the products. Finally got my first facial last week after a major hormonal breakout on my chin. Yuffy my facialist exuded confidence and calm, helped me choose the correct facial for my needs that day without pushing me to buy packages or other methods of upselling - something I really appreciate. The facial experience itself was wonderful to say the least. It was such a peaceful, relaxing experience (after the extraction was finished that is) that I fell asleep during the masking. I would love to tell you that I awoke pimple free but although the zits were still there, they were not as inflamed and the black and white heads gone without much evidence of the extraction process. Yuffy also taught me a lot on what I was doing incorrectly in treating my hormonal breakouts which has been really helpful with my skincare routine. Definitely going back for more.

Clean And Relaxing Ambience

Ms Hebe

I like the cleanliness and relaxing ambience of the place! Not only that, the staffs are also very nice and friendly. The service is also impeccable! Two thumbs up!!

Serene Shares Her Skincare Regime

Pauline Say

After hearing so much about Biologique Recherche items on the internet, I finally took the plunge and decided to overhaul my skincare routine. Next comes the abundance of information online but usually the reviews are from the West, not much on Asian skins. I found out about Freia Aesthetics on the internet being one of the official stockist in Singapore (pls follow them too, you’ll be thankful for all the product info you get there), and thereafter I found them on Instagram. Their IG is a godsend, there is so much information there, FREIA’s spa owner, Serene, (btw, she is so pretty too 😍 envy) often shares her skincare regime, tips and tricks, product knowledge and many more. I love to browse their IG highlights during my free time to learn about new products that I can introduce to my regime too.. The 1st 7 products I started out with really stabilize my skin so much in humid Singapore. I bought those items base on the information I found on their website. Thereafter I realise the friendly FREIA staffs are on WhatsApp too. It’s a pity I didn’t found out about the WhatsApp service earlier if not i would have gotten more info, but then again the products I got fortunately worked well for me. I’ll usually inquire about new products before buying them. There are afew BR stockists in Singapore, I feel FREIA Aesthetics has an edge over the rest because of their timely WhatsApp and IG reply, their very informative website, their vast product knowledge, their friendly disposition, and they are never once rude or being judgy at all. Thank you Freia Aesthetics for bringing in an extensive range of BR products for us. I and I’m sure a lot of others are appreciative of it. Biologique Recherche and Freia Aesthetics FTW 🤩😘🥇

Tons Of Facials To Choose From

Ms M.N

Excellent facials with kind staff that will care for your skin needs with special attention and care. There are tons of facials to choose from and they only use high quality skincare brands. No weird pushy sales of packages or items either. A must experience if you want the ultimate pamper session!

Relaxing Massage Included In The Facial

Ms Sioson

I went to Freia Aesthetics for a Hydra-O2 facial and it was great. A relaxing massage was included. The facial also included an extraction which I like. It just felt like my face was so clean afterwards. The therapist, Fion, used two serums on my face (for healing and for acne) and I decided to buy it and incorporate it to my skincare routine. They offer packages but no hard selling at all. I think I would highly recommend this place!

Comfortable Even With Thorough Extraction

Amanda-mae Nguee

Bought a few BR things online over CB period. Delivery of the products was so fast! The packaging and customer care after purchasing the products were really good. Did a facial yesterday and immediately after the facial my skin wasn't too reddish and I felt really comfortable despite a very thorough extraction. No hard selling of products at all which made me more keen to purchase the things my facialist recommended. Will be back for follow up care in 3 weeks, can't wait to start my skincare journey with Freia!

Impeccable Professionalism

Christine Otley

I had a fabulous facial today. Their service and professionalism was impeccable. Such a relaxing afternoon and the results are immediately visible - I’m glowing! Highly recommended!

Relaxing Ambience And Great Skill

Denise Phng

Doing facial here is a real treat. Relaxing ambience and great skill. A wide range of facials is available to suit various skin needs. Highly recommended and the Therapists run through your products in details to advise the best ways of using them to get the best results. 🙂

I Wish You Guys Were In Japan

Ms Nishikawa

I had the most amazing experience there when I visited this summer to prepare for a wedding I was attending. The staff were so helpful and the service was impeccable. They have expert knowledge on very specific brands that I already loved and I grew to love them even more after the advice they gave me. I could tell they just really believe in the treatments and the results were clear as night and day. I wish you guys were in Japan! Will definitely stop by again when I am in town!

Impeccable Service

Ms Lee

Love the facials and ambience at Freia Raffles City outlet. Service provided by Kelly was impeccable. The treatment room is spacious and luxurious with the most comfortable beds. Always a relaxed and pleasant experience at Freia.

Warm, Welcoming And Super Nice Facial

Ms Natalie

Great team, warm welcoming and super nice facial. Will definitely be going back

Skin Has Improved So Much

Ms Grace

Wonderful experience, great and knowledgable beauticians. My skin has improved so much since coming to this clinic.

Getting beautiful skin and a body that draws admiration is now a click away.

Let us help you with looking your best and being comfortable in your own skin.

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