July 18

The Truth About Blue Light


It’s common knowledge that sun protection is important. But do we know enough about the types of sun rays which are harmful for our eyes and specifically for our skin? We often see sunscreens which promise high SPF protection from UVA and UVB but is that enough? Doctors and scientists are now concluding that if we are serious about preventing photo-ageing, hyper-pigmentation, inflammation, we need to consider the effect of blue light (emitted from the sun AND digital devices like our mobile phones, tablets, TVs, LED lighting etc) on our skin.

What is Blue Light?
Referred to as High Energy Visible (HEV Light), it makes up part of the spectrum of visible light. Unlike its counterparts UVA and UVB, Blue Light has the ability to penetrate deeper into the epidermis, expose skin to free radicals, damage DNA, resulting in inflammation and reduction of healthy collagen and elastin.

The truth is, the only option in the past to counteract the effects of free radicals caused by blue lights was antioxidant serums and even then, there was no formidable protection against it. The recent invention of Beyond Sun Protection offers more than 50% protection against HEV – a medically proven rating that is extremely difficult to achieve. Why 50%? Before you decide to eradicate every bit of Blue Light, it is important to note that blue light is also needed for our cognitive functions, regulate our body’s circadian rhythm and elevate our mood.

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