January 20

What is Skin Cycling?

Many in the beauty community are self-professed #SkincareJunkies. However, it may not always a good thing when we “stress” our skin repeatedly. Therein lies that beautiful concept everyone should adopt – #SkinCycling.

Taking the concept of “what goes up must come down” in that perfect universe we call “balance”; the same applies to our skin. We “push” the skin on days when we incorporate more exfoliation and skin renewal and let it “rest” on others.

As long as we are “up” by way of exfoliants or retinols, I’ll make sure the skin is stable and can manage the push.

Here’s how it works.

Day 1: Exfoliants
Here are my top picks:
– Future Floral Lotion No. 2 and Oumere No. 9 lotions are incredibly gentle on skin and hydrating.
– Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser is a good alternative for those who cannot take acids, as enzymes also do the exfoliation minus the irritation.
– Heritage Mask which is an incredible option for gentle exfoliation with added botanicals to soothe skin.

Day 2: Retinols
To enhance the cell turnover after, include a Retinol like AlphaRet Overnight Intensive Cream for night use and perhaps a Vitamin C serum like Pietro Simone’s Dewy Reboot for day use.

Days 3 & 4: Hydration
Focus on replenishing hydration, healing, reducing inflammation and strengthening. The likes of Hyalogy P-effect Refining Lotion, Future Soft Treatment Gel, Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery Repair and Future Beauty Drops will deliver hyaluronic acid, ceramides, silk amino acids and peptides to the skin to cradle her in an oasis of calm.

Personally, I do a mild exfoliation once a day (from one listed in my “Top Exfoliants”), alternate the use of Day 2 Retinol/ Vitamin Cs and pretty much, always include a replenishing product in the routine. This has served me well. Everyone’s skin is different so I urge you to tweak the routine to suit you.

Remember, skin is MORE than a “type”; it’s a “state” that requires adaptability ♥️


P.S. Check out the reel below to learn more about Skin Cycling!


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